A number of robotics devices are operative in our lab. including a Kuka KR16 manipulator arm, a Pioneer mobile robot, a Labmate mobile platform, and a vision system made up of a couple of high resolution cameras. We are currently investigating the possibility to develop a robotic workcell that can be operated by a remote technician through the Internet

TRC Labmate

The Labmate platform manufactured by TRC is a typical differential drive mobile robot. It is functionally similar to the Pioneer 3D, but it is able to carry heavier loads and is equipped with a laser range finder that can scan the surrounding environments and detect obstacles.



ActivMedia Pioneer 3-DX Mobile Platform

The ActivMedia Pioneer 3-DX robot is a two-wheel drive intelligent mobile platform equipped with advanced devices for sensing and navigation in a real-world environment, including wheel encoders, and ultrasonic sensors. The circular basis has a diameter of 50 cm and can carry up to 23 Kg. It is mainly conceived for research experiments. The robot operates as the server in a client-server environment: It controller handle the low-level details of mobile robotics, including maintaining the platform's drive speed and heading over uneven terrain, acquiring sensor readings, such as the sonar, and managing attached accessories like the Gripper. To complete the client-server architecture, the robot requires a client connection: software running on a computer connected with the robot's controller via a serial link and which provides the high-level, intelligent robot controls, including obstacle avoidance, path planning, features recognition, localization, and so on.


Kuka KR16 Industrial Manipulator

The Kuka KR16 robot is a high performance industrial manipulator that can carry up to 16 Kg at its end effector.

It is a 6 degree of freedom articulated arm. This means that the end effector can reach every position in the robot's 3D workspace with every orientation. The maximum extension is about 1800 mm.

It can be used for typical industrial applications, such as palletizing, laser welding, painting, assembling, part loading and unloading, etc.

The robot controller handles the real-time execution of direct and inverse kinematics algorithms. It can be programmed to generate and execute point-to-point, linear, and circular trajectories. The controller communicate with standard a PC through various protocols: Ethernet, Profibus, Canbus, etc.



CCD Cameras and Frame Grabber

We have two high-performance, VGA resolution, Basler digital cameras connectet to a PC using the Matrox Meteor-II/1394 adapter board and the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL). It is ideal for machine vision, medical imaging and security applications in a variety of application domains: semiconductor and component inspection, manufacturing quality control, food and beverage inspection, etc. Currently, one of the two cameras is mounted on the KR16 manipulator, while the other one is used as an ambient camera that acquire images from the robot's workspace.