Associate Professor, PhD

Department of Computer Science and Mathematics
University of Bergamo
v.le Marconi 5, Dalmine 24044, Italy
tel (+39 035) 2052 354
fax (+39 035) 2052 002

I am the principal investigator at the Robotics Laboratory of the University of Bergamo.

My research activity mainly focuses on software development techniques and methodologies for the construction of robotic software systems. In particular, I'm investigating the effectiveness of software reuse techniques such as Object-Oriented Frameworks, Middlewares, Design Patterns, Software Components, and Model-driven Engineering for the development of flexible and adaptable autonomous robotic systems.

I'm the General Chairman of the 2014 International Conference on Simulation, Modeling, and Programming for Autonomous Robots (SIMPAR 2014)

In 2009 I've founded the Journal of Software Engineering for Robotics (JOSER).

As Chair of the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Software Engineering for Robotics and Automation (TC-SOFT), I've contributed to several initiatives intended to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience among experts in Robotics and Software Engineering, such as:
  • IEEE TRA, Special Issue on "Object Oriented Methods for Distributed Control Architectures", 2002
  • International Journal on Advanced Robotic Systems, Special Issue on "Software Development and Integration in Robotics", 2006
  • Addison-Wesley book, Software Development: Case studies in Java, 2005
  • Springer STAR book, Software Engineering for Experimental Robotics, 2007
  • ICRA 2001 Workshop on "Distributed Robotics and Automation"
  • ICRA 2005-2013 Workshop Series on "Software Development in Robotics"(SDIR)

Primary Areas of competence: Software Engineering in Robotics, Robot Control Architectures, Mobile Manipulator Robots, Distributed and Networked Robots,