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This section lists references to top community sites related to software development for robotics. If you know or lead other communities of robotic software developers and you would like to see them listed in this section, please contact TCSOFT webmaster Luca Gherardi (luca.gherardi at unibg.it).


The purpose of the Object Management Group (OMG) Robotics Domain Task Force is to foster the integration of robotics systems from modular components through the adoption of OMG standards.


A forum for users to share samples, feedback, and engage in general discussion about the Microsoft Robotics. The Microsoft(r) Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R2 (Microsoft RDS) is a Windows(r)-based environment for academic, hobbyist, and commercial developers to easily create robotics applications across a wide variety of hardware.


The java.net Robotics Community portal publishes latest news and weblog entries from the community of java developers for robotics. Check out this week's project spotlight,  mark your calendar with the upcoming community events, join a project, or propose one of your own.